Born and raised in Washburn, Iowa, Michon Weeks moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, where she earned an MFA in Drawing and Painting. Her work has been shown around the country, including galleries and museums in Miami, Indianapolis, and New York City, as well as many Twin Cities locations. Weeks teaches studio art at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN and lives in Northfield with her husband, David.


As a painter, I work to see as concretely as possible what my mind can think and imagine. I use familiar objects from my surroundings as subject matter, painting to see a materialized view of each object distilled through my paints, tools, hands, brain, senses, heart, and gut. Blocky-shaped objects in disagreeable colors, along with my mistakes, edits, and dabs of unpolished doubt are unconcealed in the paintings.


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